Booking with Spirit Airlines Review

Do you know what happens when you go on Youtube and type in Spirit Airlines?  You get inundated with copious reviews of how terrible booking with Spirit is (there are a few good ones sprinkled in there).  I have a cruise coming up in November that I just recently booked because the price was too good to pass up.  I started looking at airfare and decided to check out Spirit since it is a short cruise and I don’t need to pack much.  This post will solely be about my booking process and I will do a separate review of the flight.

It was a late night of me sitting in my office being a pseudo travel agent with multiple tabs open with every airline known to man open (working in hotels makes me weary of third party sites like Expedia).  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Spirit had my desired destination for $101 total roundtrip.  I immediately started watching some review videos and I couldn’t believe that garbage that people complain about.  I consider myself an efficient traveler and if I can score a cheap ticket that doesn’t include a drink and a bag of pretzels, I will do it.


As I was researching the airline, I came across an article about the passenger fee that was added when you book online (about $36 a roundtrip ticket per person).  It said that you could avoid this fee if you bought your tickets at the airport.  I was sold so I headed to the airport.  Here are my tips for buying your tickets at the airport:


  • Call ahead to see what times the Spirit staff will be at the airport. In Buffalo, they were only there certain days and times (see photo below).
  • Be Patient. The days that they are there, their priority is to get the current flights passengers and their bags on board.  I had to wait until the check in time had passed for the flight that was going out.
  • Pay for bags ahead of time. It is cheaper to book any additional baggage needs at the time of booking.  I didn’t end up needing this but I figured I’d mention it anyways.
  • Pay attention and take notes. I went up and took a photo of their time notes for their flights.  I also took a look at my surroundings noticing the self-check in area and baggage size canisters.


Some of the negative reviews that I have seen have complained about the fees be it for baggage or this passenger fee.  Last I checked, especially in this case, this is a $75 ticket for a roundtrip, direct flight to Florida.  Even if I didn’t drive, it would have been $101.  There are no other airlines that have prices like that.  If you opted to pay the $35 for a carry on so you have that and your person item that would have been $171 if you booked online.  That is still a great deal!


Who knows, I could possibly change my attitude towards Spirit when I actually fly them in November.  I think I can suck it up for 2.5 hours though.  I’m flying roundtrip for $75.  I’m pretty happy with that so far!  Have any of you ever tried Spirit Airlines?


Let me know what you think in the comments!

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