Cuba Highlights: After the Tour

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  This week is absolutely dragging for me.  It is my first full week back after vacation and it has been a rough one.  Between some seasonal allergies and post cruise depression, I don’t know if I will make it! I wanted to compile a small list of tips and highlight what I […]

Cuba T-Shirt Giveaway

Happy Monday Everyone!   I can’t believe I had to get off of my beautiful Empress of the Seas today.  What a whirlwind last 6 days it has been.  It is so hard to believe that I was in Cuba yesterday.  I almost feel like I’m in a dreamland when I cruise. Needless to say […]

My Favorite Dallas Eats

I felt like the food in Dallas needed it own post.  I tried almost any kind of food you could think of from donuts, BBQ, Asian and Lebanese.  My taste buds went all of the spectrum.  So if you don’t like museums, parks but you love to eat; Dallas is still the place for you! […]