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I apologize for taking so long to get this next post out.  I developed a nice case of pneumonia last week and am still recovering.  Today’s post is about International Housekeeping Week.  We just hosted this celebration at the hotel two weeks ago.

Housekeeping is an unsung hero position.  It is very seldom that you end up coming across your housekeeper during your stay at most hotels yet they play one of the biggest roles in the hotel.  Most hotels I have worked for attempt to recognize their housekeepers at least one week a year with meals and other celebrations.

My General Manager and Assistant General Manager came up with some very fun games with some great prizes.  One of the games we hosted in the pool with playhouse balls.  Whomever could scoop out the most balls was the winner of a high value giftcard of their choice.  There were many other games like a bed making contest, chocolate fountain bar and a huge employee luncheon with a Chinese raffle and other games.

It is great when you are able to work for a company who has no problems and does not care the cost to an extent of how you keep your staff happy.  A big problem that I notice in the hotel industry is that housekeepers are rarely tipped.  Housekeeping and Food & Beverage positions ARE TIPPED POSITIONS!  I cannot stress this enough.  You pay a server to bring you food and clean up after your meal, why wouldn’t you tip someone who is scrubbing your toilet, changing your sheets and picking up after you?  The same goes for a breakfast host, your meal may be included in your room so why wouldn’t you tip someone who preps food all morning and then cleans up after you?

My tipping standard is as follows for a hotel housekeeper: $1 per person per day.  So if my family of 3 was staying somewhere for 3 nights, I would be tipping $9 at the end of my stay.  I always tip on the last day.  I follow the same tipping standard roughly for a breakfast host as well.

Next time you travel please don’t hesitate to tip the unsung heroes of your stays.  They do so much more than you know!

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