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This is going to be part of a two segment series.  This first video is going to be a review of the Toronto City Pass and the attractions that it includes.  The second video segment is going to be based on my random wanderings throughout the city.  If I did the whole video in one we would be here for a very long time.  I have included all the links below so you can see the separate pricing.  If you watch the vlog, I spell everything out there too.

The City Pass is available online for purchase.  It came to about $62 USD and that includes five attractions: CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma and then your choice of the Science Center or the Zoo.  The first four attractions alone would have cost me about $107 CAD so the pass was a good bang for the buck!

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CN Tower at one point and time used to be the tallest building in the world.  It takes about a minute to ride the elevator to the top.  There is a glass floor off of the outdoor observation deck which is just below the main deck where the elevator lets off.  Take in the amazing views of the city and Lake Ontario.

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Royal Ontario Museum is a very classic museum ranging in art for Ancient Egypt, Roman, Chinese, Greek to the Dinosaurs.  This museum has multiple floors with specialty exhibits as well.  I’m not sure that I would take my six year old here.  I think this is a 12 year old and older type of venue in my opinion.

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Casa Loma was absolutely gorgeous!  This was actually the venue that I didn’t expect much out of prior to visiting but it was absolutely amazing.  There is an audio walking tour that you can get from the gift shop that is included with your admission.  You can get a beautiful city view from the one tower or some gorgeous fountain shots.  Make sure you bring a huge SD card for this place!

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Ripley’s Aquarium is in a league of its own.  Prior to visiting this aquarium the New England Aquarium in Boston was my favorite.  This place blows that out of the water in my opinion.  In some of the tanks, your kids can crawl up and get pictures so it looks like they are inside the tank.  There are interactive touch areas with sting rays and other animals.  I know my Olivia would have loved the playground there!  I just loved how the aquarium turned into a tunnel with sharks and fish swimming over the top of you.  It was really a great experience.

I did not do the fifth attraction option because neither of them appealed to me without Olivia with me.  I am including a link below to a fellow Rochester Blogger, Five for the Road, that has a nice review of the Toronto Zoo.  So make sure you check out her page too!

In conclusion, I am a huge fan of the city pass.  I was able to do the Aquarium, the Royal Ontario Museum and Casa Loma in one day.  I did the CN tower in the evening after driving to Niagara Falls in the morning the next day.  There is so much to do within such a short distance that Toronto makes for a fun packed trip for any type of traveler.


Stay Tuned Next Week for the second installment of this series.  As always, get out there and explore!


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