Tis the Season Everyone!


Last week was one of my favorite holiday treats.  In the town of Brockport they host an annual Festival of Lights Parade before the lighting of their town Christmas tree.  This event usually commences the first Sunday of December.



The floats from this parade are put together by local businesses, schools and community groups.  Once they make their way to the central part of Main Street, their floats are evaluated by a panel of judges.  You will see everything from lit up costumes to themed floats and bedazzled firetrucks!


This is a really great family event.  It is free and provides that old town, family Christmas kind of feel.  The partial brick sidewalks and old brick buildings combine with many local stores and restaurants for a homelike feel.  One of my favorite local restaurants is right on Main Street by the corner of the canal, Stoneyard.  There are plenty of cute little antique shops as well as some good pizza!  You could honestly make a whole night of it with the family.


My tips for next year would be to head out early and get dinner at a local restaurant on Main Street.  After dinner, head down near the movie theater, one of the churches is normally selling hot cocoa, and post up for the parade.  My favorite spot is near the judges booth which is by Perri’s Pizza.  After the parade, head down to the tree for the lighting ceremony and finish by warming up with a movie at The Strand movie theater right on Main Street!


Side Note:  Some of the trucks sound their sirens and horns so bring noise cancelling headphones for those with sensitive ears!


I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!  I have some great news coming up!



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