Guess what day it is, Guess what day it is!

I hope everyone is having a great day today.  It is so hard to believe that this is the last video for the cruise series from my past cruise in January.  This is definitely a bittersweet moment.  I’m going to preface this post as an overview.  I definitely did not hit everything San Juan has to offer.  Puerto Rico itself is an island that I intend on visiting as an actual trip eventually.

So I will start off by reminding you guys that I stayed in Puerto Rico the night before and after my cruise.  It was really great being able to relax before the cruise and to get rid of your sea legs after your cruise.  I’m going to do a post on Sunday about the two hotels that I stayed it.  It will be able to give you a good overview on two different kinds of hotels (focus service versus full service).

I was able to venture off more on my post cruise day.  My mode of transportation from the cruise port was taxi (I’ll price this Sunday) and Uber to/from Old San Juan.  We decided to venture over to El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro.  Puerto Rico is surrounded by forts that you can visit and the pass that you purchase is good for a week and for all the forts ($5 per person).  We also walked around the area and saw a few fountains and El Museo Casa Blanco.  The architecture throughout Old San Juan is so beautiful that you just need to walk around and take it all in.  After a good amount of walking we headed back to the hotel after this to freshen up and relax.

We ventured back out that evening to Old San Juan.  The streets were starting to come alive with food trucks and live music.  I came to the conclusion that we were going to eat our way through Old San Juan for this go around.  We tried Mofongo at Mojito’s Restaurant.  We also tried a Tripleta (3 meat) sandwich from a food truck as well.  My personal favorite food item was the gelato bars from Senor Paletas.  The ferro rocher flavor is amazing!

Paseo La Princesa

My favorite fountain was just down from Senor Paletas.  It is called Paseo la Princesa.  This fountain is absolutely gorgeous and awe inspiring.  As we headed back down towards the cruise port (keep in mind Port of the Americas where Adventure of the Seas and Jewel of the Seas leave from is not the same as where cruise ships that port in San Juan Dock) we heard some fantastic live music.  We decided to pop into the Princesa Gastropub from some strong/amazing rum cocktails.

After all this, we left to go down by the main docks and listen to some more live music.  We decided to grab a cocktail at La Casita.  The pina colada that I had here was absolutely unreal.  Our waiter got us to try their rum glazed chicken wings.  The rum glaze was so good that I contemplated losing my dignity and licking the plate that they came on.  This was seriously a must stop!

I could talk about the food and the beautiful architecture of Old San Juan for days.  This is just something that you need to experience for yourself!


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