Well it is hard to believe that this will be my last island video from the itinerary.  I will be doing a San Juan video next week and that will wrap up this cruise series.  Antigua was our third stop on the itinerary and was a new port for me and my traveling companions.

The original goal for this port was to snorkel a shipwreck that I had read about in Deep Bay which is about 10-15 minutes from port.  My friends and I stopped at a local grocery store with our taxi driver where we picked up some beverages for our cooler then headed out.  I also brought some snacks with us from the boat (nuts, jerky and energy bars) to fuel us while we snorkeled.

I had done quite a bit of reading prior to selecting this beach.  Online I had found reviews about there being a hotel and restaurant that were supposedly no longer in service on this beach.  I found that to be intriguing and wanted to get to that shipwreck.  We arrived at the “hotel” and it was pretty and a little creepy at the same time.  There were people at the reception desk working but no guests to be found.  All the restaurants and amenities were empty.  We followed the different pathways out to the beach and I have to say they looked like something that could be a in a horror movie at times.   Some of the hotel rooms were opened up to ventilate I assume.  It was just an interesting sight.

Like the saying goes, there was light at the end of the tunnel.  This beach was absolutely beautiful and there was no one on it.  There were a few boats anchored in the bay but that was about it.  There was a little beach side bar that rented out beach chairs for $5 and sold drinks.  I got into the water and assessed the snorkeling conditions.  The currents were pretty strong and the visibility was non existent so I decided not to venture out to the wreck for safety reasons.  However, I wasn’t disappointed posting up in a beach chair and relaxing.

At one point and time two large catamarans showed up with about 25 people a piece on them to do a 30 minute beach stop.  All of a sudden locals selling dresses and jewelry appeared out of no where.  We didn’t mind, there was more than enough beach for everyone.  They left as soon as they came.  The workers at the beach bar said the owner of the hotel will sometimes allow the cruise ships to do excursions to the beach but only when he feels like it.

We spent about 3 hours here before we decided to head back.  The taxi was $15 both ways which wasn’t bad in my opinion.  I did enjoy the port shopping that was here, it had a very nice atmosphere.  This probably was my favorite beach between all the islands and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else!

Make sure you check out the video tour that I included in this post.


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