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It is hard to believe but I am officially 6 weeks away from my next cruise! OH-EM-GEEEEE!   This cruise has me thinking a lot more than normal sense Cuba is involved.  I’ve run into the problem where I am starting to overthink everything (big problem of mine normally).  I’ve decided that today’s post is exactly what I need.  Let’s get back to basics with the Top Ten Cruising Prep Tips that I have when I cruise.

  1. Create a One Page Itinerary: I know that there is pretty much an app for everything these days from Airlines to Hotels.  I personally like to have a one page summary that I date with confirmation numbers and addresses.  I carry a copy with me and send a copy to my email.
  2. Bring Cash: I have made the stupid move of not bringing enough cash with me.  I like to over budget when it comes to this.  There is a safe in your room which is where I keep the majority of mine.  For example, this next cruise is going to Cuba and they do not take credit cards and you have to convert your currency.  I tend to be more conscience of my spending as well with cash in hand.
  3. Book your Excursions Before you Go: Booking before you go allows you to research and review different excursions.  Whether you are a DIY adventurer or a Loyal Cruise Ship Excursion Connoisseur, booking ahead of time can reduce the amount of stress that  you have trying to book onboard and lets you enjoy the ship instead of sitting at the excursion desk or wandering the port.
  4. Test out any of your equipment:  This could be as simple as a digital to camera or if you are crazy like me, my action camera, Nikon, all their accessories and my snorkel gear.  I end up taking my snorkel gear to my gym and testing it out.
  5. Call your banks: Check on your credit and debit cards.  Some may require you to put a travel notification on them.
  6. Start making a packing list:  I’m a huge advocate of the list.  I write it out then cross it off as I actually pack it.  I also number items that have multiples.
  7. Check in online: Granted this happens closer to your sailing but when you get that delightful email that your cruise documents are ready, your heart will flutter.  Make sure you do this 4 days prior to sailing or else you will have to fill out this information at the pier (let’s be honest, you really just want to start your vacation).
  8. Book a hotel the night before:  This is an especially important item if you fly.  It gives you time in case of weather and gives you a night to get rested and settled prior to boarding.
  9. Pack a small duffle bag:  This is good when heading out for a beach day and also serves a purpose if you want to bring some souvenirs home.  We all know it seems like everything does not fit the same when you are packing up to go home!
  10. Pack an open mind:  Keep in mind that when you travel, as best as we all try, everything is not perfect all the time.  If something is wrong with your trip, tell someone so they have the opportunity to make it right.

When you travel on a cruise you are with many different people from many different countries so you are truly in for an immersive experience.  Just be prepared ahead of time to insure that you will have a great trip.


Are there any tips that you have before you go on a cruise or vacation?  Let me know in the comments down below!


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