I felt like the food in Dallas needed it own post.  I tried almost any kind of food you could think of from donuts, BBQ, Asian and Lebanese.  My taste buds went all of the spectrum.  So if you don’t like museums, parks but you love to eat; Dallas is still the place for you!

My first night in Dallas I went to an Asian restaurant called.  I had asked the front desk for a good place to get food at 10:45pm on a Wednesday.  They directed me to Sapa Noodle.  Upon arrival, I asked the server what his favorite meal.  He said his favorite was the Beef Pho.  This soup was amazing!  Great portion size, very savory flavors.  It had meatballs and brisket mixed in it with bean sprouts and jalepenos on the side!

Our next stop will be Glazed Donut Shop in Deep Ellum.  I literally wanted to order everything.  These old fashioned donuts came in many flavors from red velvet to maple bacon (topped with two strips of bacon of course).  There was also a smores donut that had a big square marshmellow that was torched on demand when ordered.  I decided to try the blueberry marscapone donut.  It was so light and heavenly.  This shop is also open from 9pm-2am with their delicious donuts and a donut grilled cheese and bacon sandwich!

For lunch that day I headed over to the Truckyard.  This unique venue looks like something out of a Jeff Foxworthy redneck calendar.  The interior building has a bar and a steak sandwich shop with a killer steak sandwich!  On outside there is a stage area for live music, a tree house and a few food trucks lined up for your liking.  This is a place that you need to see to believe.

I also headed over to an area called Trinity Groves.  This area originated as an outlet for restaurants to capsule their products.  I stopped into two places here.  Kate Weiser Chocolates was first on this list.  Your eyes don’t know where to go with all the color chocolates and truffles.  There are some even being made on site.  My favorite truffles were the key lime and the habenero mango.  The second shop was called The Cake Bar.  Here you had your choice of gigantic three layer, southern comfort cakes.  As much as I wanted to go with the yellow cake with chocolate frosting (personal favorite), I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new; Key Lime Cream Cake. OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG!  This was the most delicious cake I’ve ever had in my life.  So light and moist.  I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing as I ate it.

Of course when in Texas, you have to have barbeque!  I got to meet up with a fellow cruising periscope friend for the first time at his fantastic suggestion, Sammy’s BBQ.  I wanted to try a bit of everything so I did the three meats with two sides.  I ordered ribs, brisket and chicken for the meats.  My side choices were bbq beans and a potato casserole.  The ribs slid right off the bone and the brisket was to die for.  Both of them melted in your mouth like butter.  Then there was this potato casserole, where have you been all my life with your cheesy, bacon goodness?

The last stop on our list, if you’re not hungry enough already, will be a Lebanese tapas restaurant called Zatar.  My friends and I ordered 3 different appetizers to split while we smoked hookah.  We had a beef shawarma flatbread, hummus with pita bread and cheese cigars.  Everything was amazing.  The cheese cigars were very unique.  It was like a slightly melted shredded mozzarella wrapped in phyllo dough.  It is so hard to explain.  It was just amazing.

I’m going to include all the links below to these places.  If you go to Dallas for anything, the food alone will leave you wanting more of Dallas.  I’m planning to do a Dallas walk through video next week that will show you some of these restaurants in depth.  I hope you all enjoyed this and if you have any questions, please let me know!


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