Play Ball!

To cap off our fantastic trip to Boston, we attended a Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway Park.  I fell in love with the city of Boston when I was 11 so naturally I tend to root for Boston based teams.  My brother grew up playing baseball and is a die hard Yankees fan!  Needless to say since he was home, this opportunity couldn’t be passed up!

I’m honestly not the biggest baseball fan but I love to watch it live.  Fenway park is more than just a landmark, it is a state of mind.  The energy around Yawkey Way and the stadium is intoxicating.  My favorite beverage of choice are the Ketelades (Lemonade and Ketel One Vodka).  Of course you cannot miss out on a Fenway Frank for dinner either!

This is truly an amazing experience.  Fenway Park is a mecca for baseball history.  It runs through the blood of their fan’s veins.  Olivia and I were lucky enough to see the Red Sox win 3-0.  If you kind of like or love baseball, no matter who your team is, this needs to be on your bucket list!

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