The weather has turned to rain and freezing cold temperatures up here in Western, NY. I decided to finally sit down in my breakfast nook and review my Allure of the Seas sailing from August. The videos are finally all available on my Youtube Channel. I have a day vlog for each day.

You are probably wondering if there is actually a difference from Oasis of the Seas which I cruised on in February. There are a few slight changes that can change your experience. The main change for me was having Mamma Mia instead of Cats on Allure (we will get to that shortly). Other differences include artwork and different shops in Central Park.

This sailing was a first for me. It was my first time on Allure and it was my first time sailing during hurricane season. I never thought I’d be one to sail during the summertime in the Caribbean. This cruise ended up being a fantastic price and a great opportunity for Olivia and I to do our first Mommy and Me trip. Thankfully I have a great Travel Agent who hooked me up with great travel insurance for a great price just in case a hurricane blew through (I’ll put his information at the bottom of this post).

The biggest thing that made this trip amazing was the show. I really enjoy Mamma Mia. The music and dancing is fun. I have seen this on Broadway and had just introduced Olivia to the movie a few weeks prior. She was already in love with the music prior to sailing. The cast on this ship were AMAZING! If I had it to do over again, I’d skip every other show including the aqua show and go to every show for Mamma Mia. That is how good it was. I have clips of it in the day vlog.

Sailing in the summer was definitely hot but I don’t believe it was unbearable. When you are sailing or on the islands, there seems to always to be a nice breeze. I would definitely do it again at the end of August. During this sailing I also opted to stay on the ship while we were in port in Labadee. I’ll be honest, Labadee isn’t one of my favorites and I really enjoyed staying on the ship. I practically had the Solarium to myself!

Oasis and Allure are the first generation of the Oasis class ships. Harmony and Symphony have different features compared to these first two so I can’t report on those yet. If I had to have my pick between Allure and Oasis, even though there are only minor differences, I’d probably go with Allure because of Mamma Mia. The show and music just add to the already fun ambiance that a cruise provides.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you on the seas real soon!

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