Hello Everyone!

This is a brand new venture for me and has been a goal to work towards since my August cruise. I had a lot of people ask me where I bought my swimsuits, clothing and how they wish they could feel confident in a bikini as a plus size lady. This broke my heart to see others struggling the way that I used to. I wanted to take some time to break down how I started to become comfortable with my body and myself.

I’m not 100% body positive all the time. It has taken me years to get to the confidence that I have now. There have been amazing ladies who have paved the way to help plus size people become happy with what they see in the mirror. My body is nothing to write home about. I have had a baby so my mid section has seen better days. I definitely could use a tummy tuck and have stretch marks around my lower ribs from that pretty little girl. This is something I do struggle with weekly when it comes to loving myself.

There are trolls that have hopped on my channels to fall me fat and ugly. They tell me I need to go on a diet etc. You don’t owe these kind of jerks the time of day. Can you imagine that the joy of your day is to take the precious gift of time and life to tear down other people? How sick is that? These trolls don’t know anything about you or I. If they did they would know what beautiful people we are.

I want to introduce an open door policy. If you are struggling with loving yourself and feel down, I invite you to connect with me. If I can’t be what you need, I will help you find someone who can get you through a hard time. We are losing a lot of beautiful people in this world and I want to help put an end to the hatred. You can’t become 100% body positive overnight. It takes time and is a journey.

Enjoy your weekend beautiful people!

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Written by Halee with a Flair

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