It is hard to believe that embarkation day was two weeks ago. I finally finished putting the first vlog together to share with all of you. It is so exciting to be sharing this new experience with all of you.


The boarding process was really simple.  We got to the port at about 10:30am and were onboard by 11.  I recommend having your express passes printed to make the check in easier.  If you are booked in Aqua Class like I was, you will go to a separate priority boarding area.  In this terminal it was right by where the photographers were so while we waited we were able to get some welcome aboard photos taken.

Once onboard you are welcomed with a glass of champagne.  I went right up to the Martini Bar and got my first real cocktail of the day.  After that we headed to the spa where they had 25% off on services if you booked for that day.  I took advantage of a two our rituals package that included a scrub, body mask, wrap and a massage.

Once we were all booked we headed up to the pool deck to grab some drinks and wait for rooms to be ready at 1pm. I worked for a while before heading over to the Oceanview Cafe (buffet) to grab a quick bite since my stateroom was located right above the buffet.

My stateroom was absolutely lovely and so was my stateroom attendant.  I set down some of my gear so that I could head over to muster.  Our muster station was located in a lounge and was probably one of the easiest muster drills that I’ve ever been a part of.  After muster, it was spa time!

The first part of my spa ritual package was the scrub.  You strip down as far as you are comfortable.  I personally have no problem getting into my birthday suit.  She scrubbed the back of my body and then the front.  After washing off the scrub, a mask was applied to my entire body and I was wrapped up for 15 minutes.  After the wait, I went into the shower that was in the treatment room that I was in and washed off the mask.  This shower was amazing.  I was so relaxed that I was dozing off in the shower! The last hour was my massage and I decided to upgrade to hot stone for $15 more.  It was totally worth it.  This was hands down the best spa experience that I have ever done.  I’m pretty sure I possibly drooled and/or snored at one point in time.

After my beautiful experience in the spa it was time for some pre dinner cocktails and my first trip to Blu.  Blu is the specialty dining room for Aqua Class staterooms.  This works on my time dining.  They were able to give you a buzzer if your table wasn’t ready so you could go get a cocktail if you want.  Eating in Blu was next level.  I cannot begin to rave about it enough.  I encourage you to subscribe to my youtube channel so you can see all the great offerings.


I look forward to sharing all the days with you going forward!  Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Written by Halee with a Flair

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