It is hard to believe that I was not home for about half of the month of February. I have so many clips and photos to go through. It feels like I am in a deep hole of content! I’m getting my bum in gear and cranking these out for all of you!

When it comes to lunch I usually prefer something light. Whether I’m on a cruise or on land, I opt for light and fresh tasting options. While I’m cruising, I usually opt to eat in the Main Dining room because they have nice entrees and usually a great salad bar too. On Vision of the Seas I opted for Izumi sushi on my last day.

This isn’t my first time trying Izumi. For those of you that have been with me for a while, know that I tried it for the first time on Oasis of the Seas last year. However this trip was a little different. On Oasis, we did a lunch promo that included a large sushi roll, miso soup, ginger salad and a dessert. On Vision, I was using my last specialty dining credit. If you are going to use a dining credit, you get $45 towards anything on the menu.

A lot of people were recommending the hot rocks on this ship which is an elementary version of hibachi which you can see in my video above as my table neighbors opted for that. This ship did not have a hibachi section like a lot of the larger ships in the fleet have. I personally was just in the mood for sushi. Give me a good raw tuna roll and I am a happy girl!

I opted to try a spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll and a poke boll. I can honestly recommend all three options. For me, the raw fish rolls are just so fresh tasting and presented beautifully. The poke bowl was wonderful it had a variety of flavors that combined to make sweet harmony in my mouth. The ingredients included seasoned tuna, albacore, octopus, avocado chunk, seas salt, sesame chili oil, soy sauce, scallions, masago, sesame seeds, seaweed salad and sushi rice.

The dining credit allows you to score an awesome meal in a more relaxed location. Sometimes the buffet and even the dining room are a bit chaotic. I highly recommend giving this specialty dining option a try if you find yourself onboard a Royal Caribbean sailing! Below is a link to my friend Matt’s blog who has a copy of the Izumi Menu.

Izumi Menu

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