April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Can’t believe that May is just around the corner.  I tried to post this video through the phone app a few weeks ago but it wouldn’t take.  Here it is finally:


The Finger Lakes are compromised of 11 narrow lakes in Central New York.  Wineries and Breweries have become very popular in this region.  The Finger Lakes Wine Country is most known for Rieslings.  There are some really good hybrid and mixed wines as well.  White wines are typically where they excel.  A fun fact, the last two presidential inaugural balls served Finger Lakes Rieslings on the tables!

This video was made when I headed out to celebrate my best friend’s birthday.  First we hit up our classic favorite: Three Brother’s Estates.  Three Brothers is a really fun experience.  There are 3 wineries and a brewery so you are definitely getting a lot of tastings.  The first winery is Stony Lonesome which is a very traditional menu of wines.  The second winery is called Bagg Dare which is a redneck themed winery with all blended sweet wines that have the most hilarious/vulgar names.  The brewery is called War Horse with an assortment of ciders and craft made beers.  The brewery is also getting an expansion this year and I included some behind the scenes footage in the video from a tour that we received from the president, Dave Reavis.  The last winery is called Passion Feet which has some very sweet wines and the best wine slushie that you will ever have in your life!

All of these places have gorgeous views of Seneca Lake.  It is a beautiful lake year round which makes wine tasting with a wonderful view always possible.  I have included some other great wineries and breweries below that were mentioned in the video.  I have some awards that I’m going to hand out to each place because they were all amazing!

Best View: Starky’s Lookout (Miles is a close second but getting to sit out on Starky’s patio is the best)

Best Bottle Design: The Ghost Wine at Miles Cellar (shining the light where you can see a ghost through the other side is amazing)

Best Experience: Three Brother’s Estates

Best Dessert Wine: Anthony Road Winery

Best Fruit Wines: Glenora

Best Bartenders: Two Goats

Best Wine Buy Deal: JR Dill (Free tasting if you buy wine)

Best Beer Variety: Climbing Bines

There are so many more places on the wine and beer trail that we want to visit and see.  Get out there and try them for yourselves.  You are bound to find something that you love somewhere around that lake!

Wineries and Breweries Visited:

Three Brother’s Estates
http://www.3brotherswinery.com/ or follow them on Instagram @3brotherswinery

Anthony Road Winery

Climbing Bines Brewery

Starkey’s Look Out

Miles Wine Cellars

Miles Wine Cellars | Finger Lakes Wine

Glenora Wine Cellars

JR Dill Winery

Home page

Two Goats Pub

There are a lot more wineries for exploration:

Home Page | Seneca Lake Wine Trail

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