Here it is!  The final installment!


It is always fun to hit your standard tourist attractions when in a popular city.  However, after you do the classics you really should try stepping out of your comfort zone.  Sometimes going off the beaten path can be one of the most rewarding things that you have ever done.

All of my online researching prior to my trip had stated that parking in Toronto is an absolute struggle.  I decided to take the GoTrain into the city from where I was staying.  The ticket was about $10 CAD.  It is a beautiful ride in while looking at Lake Ontario.


My first stop was to take a ferry over to Centre Island (part of the Toronto islands).  This location is said to get you the best skyline picture views of the city.   The roundtrip ferry was $7 CAD.  I saw a lot of locals bringing bicycles over on the ferry.  They run about every 20 minutes. There were some small restaurant locations on the island but I would suggest bringing some food to picnic around the park.  The park was so beautiful.  The pictures did not disappoint.


The second stop was Chinatown.  I love this little Chinatown.  It is much cleaner than the one in NYC.  There are little bakeries and street side markets that you can feast your eyes upon.  This is definitely the place if you want to find some cheap gifts to take back home as well (make sure you watch your duty free items).  There happened to be a parade celebrating Taiwan’s freedom so that was a pleasant surprise.


A few blocks up and over from Chinatown is Kensington Market.  Originally I had not planned on going here.  It seemed to be described as a retro type neighborhood.  Since I was so close I decided it wouldn’t hurt to go look.  I am so glad I did.  I could have spent almost a whole day there.  There were bands playing, unique restaurants (especially for vegans and vegetarians), live street art, specialty stores and so much more!  This neighborhood had an amazing, artsy vibe.  Please do not overlook this!


The last stop on this adventure was graffiti alley.  This is a couple blocks south of Chinatown in the other direction.  When I shot my live periscope from here, the question was asked if I felt safe since it was an alley.  There are so many people walking down this alley that are taking amazing photos that someone would be stupid to try anything.  I never felt uncomfortable walking by myself through here.  The art is always changing so you will never get the same picture if you travel at different times.

I wanted this video to feel like you were wandering with me.  I hope you all enjoy it and let me know if you have any questions!

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