I can’t believe it is Thursday!

I hope everyone is having a great day. I apologize that I didn’t get a post up yesterday but I was working then in the air for the rest of the day.  Dallas is definitely a lot warmer than Rochester right now!  I went from weather that was 4 degrees with a windchill to getting into Dallas at 9pm at 74 degrees.  I’m definitely not complaining though!

I tend to be a creature of habit with my air travel.  I usually tend to be a Southwest girl.  Southwest has always been pleasurable whenever I have flown them for work or with my family.  Since I work for a Hampton Inn & Suites, I’m used to the fun and quirky hospitality of that brand.  I’m sure if you’ve been on Youtube, you’ve seen some of that fun on a Southwest Flight.  Here are some of my favorite things about Southwest:

  • (2) Free Checked Bags-Especially when I’m cruising or traveling with my daughter, this is key.  I hate carrying anything through the airport.  I like being able to leave my suitcase at the counter and go through with just a purse or backpack.
  • Cheap Direct Flights-Between Rochester and Buffalo heading to destinations like Texas and Florida.  I just paid $59 each way for the Cuba cruise next month for direct flights.  It is so nice to just get there in one swoop.
  • Easy to get Seats Together-When I’ve booked on airlines like Delta in the past, some flights are so full that I can’t get seats together.  By having the boarding assignments, it is easier to save seats together.
  • Customer Service-I have personally never had terrible customer service on Southwest.  Everyone always seems so happy and friendly.
  • Pretzels-My six year old swears that these are the best pretzels ever.  I have to save them on my work trips for her so she can take them to school as her snack!

I know when the time comes and I make the trip across the pond, I will not be able to fly Southwest.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of the seating upgrades on Delta and other airlines.  Who is your favorite airlines?  Do they have good pretzels?

Have a great weekend everyone!




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