I’m late! I’m late! I’m late writing this blog post to date! Well I tried giving a little homage to Alice in Wonderland. I’m actually really excited about this post. […]

I want to thank everyone for joining me on Periscope last night for a live packing video discussion. I decided I should put together some of my favorites that we […]

Ever since I was a little girl I have been dying to go to EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival. Since I was blessed to go to Disney World 30+ times […]

Happy Sunday Everyone! Where has this summer gone?  I can’t even begin to fathom where it went.  I hope that all of your summer plans have led you on amazing […]

Happy Sunday Everyone! I can’t believe it is already almost the end of July.  This summer is just going so fast! This past weekend we did a quick trip to […]

Happy Sunday Everyone, I apologize that I have been MIA for a couple weeks.  Olivia finished off school, I hurt my back, been getting into the groove of my new […]

Happy Father’s Day to Fathers of all kinds! This last week has been absolutely insane.  I apologize for the lack of posts and the social media silence.  I started a […]

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  This week is absolutely dragging for me.  It is my first full week back after vacation and it has been a rough one.  Between some seasonal allergies […]

Happy Monday Everyone!   I can’t believe I had to get off of my beautiful Empress of the Seas today.  What a whirlwind last 6 days it has been.  It […]

All I can tell you is that these past few weeks have been a blur.  I say this fully knowing that the next few weeks will be much of the […]