I apologize for the delay this week.  Work has been absolutely crazy but I have a good story for all of you.  So back in July of 2016, my brother, […]

Hey Everyone! It has been extremely busy at the hotel so this is going to be a short post and I apologize.  Rochester was hit with 70-85 mph winds on […]

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It is hard to believe but I am officially 6 weeks away from my next cruise! OH-EM-GEEEEE!   This cruise has me thinking a lot more than normal […]

Hey, Hey, Hey Everyone! So as I start my planning for my weekend trip to New York City, I found something when I was booking my hotel that I felt […]

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I am so excited to bring this video to all of you.  This travel agent Q&A is primarily based on cruising.  I had a chance to video […]

Happy Sunday Everyone! It is hard to believe that we are about halfway through February.  Granted it is a short month, it is still hard to believe.  Today’s Sunday Funday […]