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I apologize that I have been MIA for a couple weeks.  Olivia finished off school, I hurt my back, been getting into the groove of my new job and broke my camera lens at Watkins Glen State Park.  It has been a little rough but I’m determined since I had some time in my hotel room while in Austin that I wanted to get a good review in for all of you.

Today’s review is going to be on the Delta Comfort+ seating.  Most of you know that I’m typically a Southwest girl but Delta ended up being the cheapest by $150 for this trip.  I was originally booked into the standard economy class for both of my flights.  My first flight was a short 50 minute flight to Detroit on a CRJ900 which is a pretty small plane.  Two seats on each side of the aisle in economy.  The gate attendant offered comp upgrades to exit row seats (normally a $15 charge).  My back was a little sore but I figured I’d be fine.  This flight was rough.  You felt like you were packed into a tin can.  I’m 5’3″ and was only 6 inches away from the ceiling above my seat.  My back was screaming by the time I got off this flight.

I wandered my way slowly to my next gate.  I had seen the upgrade options on the app before so I decided to check with the gate agent to see if there were still some available.  This plane was bigger (Airbus A319),  The upgrade cost was $59 for that flight.  I debated before deciding.  I was just so desperate for a more comfortable seat.  This is how Delta advertises these amenities:

“Find the upgraded experience you’re looking for in Delta Comfort+. In addition to up to 4” of extra legroom, Delta Comfort+ seating offers dedicated overhead bin space just for your items. With access to Sky Priority® boarding, you can settle in sooner and enjoy the ride. Available on select international and domestic flights.”

The boarding process for this seating section is right after the priority member and first class boarding.  When I boarded and saw where my seat was, I was so excited.  I was in the first row behind First Class.  I had even more leg room than the normal Delta Comfort+ seat.  There were digital screens in each seat with complimentary movies, games, music and shows.  There is a USB charging port in the seat, premium snack options and upcharge snack baskets are available as well. The flight attendants were extremely attentive to this section as well.

This was worth the money on a longer flight.  The seat was so comfortable.  I felt so much better by the time that I arrived in Austin.  It was really a life saver for me.  I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to walk around and go sightseeing.  If you have a long flight, I think it would be worth the upgrade cost if you can do it!*


*Keep in mind the looks will vary by plane. This was a newer plane.

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