I apologize for the delay this week.  Work has been absolutely crazy but I have a good story for all of you.  So back in July of 2016, my brother, Eben, came home on leave from the Marines around the 4th of July.    My dad planned a trip for the three of us to go deep sea fishing off of Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Naturally being raised a travelers, my brother and I were determined to do and see more than just fishing.

This is another one of my quick one night trips that seemed to be a trend in 2016.  So we set out to stay the night before our fishing trip in Plymouth, MA.  I met up with my dad at his house near Sylvan Beach and headed out in the morning with him and Eben.  My dad wanted to take it easy at the hotel but my brother and I had other plans.

I set up my dad up with some Game of Thrones and we headed over to Plymouth Harbor.  We had ventured here when we were about 7 and 11 respectively.  We recreated a family photo that we took her to send to our mother.  There are a lot of sights from Plymouth Rock to the Plymouth Plantation.  There is also a replica of the Mayflower.

As we drove back to the hotel my brother being a die hard baseball fan was like oh it would be so cool to see a game in Fenway Park.  I asked if they were playing and he said yes.  I told him to put on his big boy pants and find some prices.  The tickets were pretty great for where our seats were at about $26/ticket.  It was really something being in one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the world.  To be honest, I liked this a lot better than Yankee stadium (my brother being a huge Yankees fan had earned us that experience when we were younger).  Professional Tip:  The Fenway Franks are awesome!

The atmosphere was electric outside on Yawkey Street and was even more on the inside.  When you aren’t watching baseball, you are singing along with the crowd to Sweet Caroline.  When the Red Sox started losing more heavily at the end of the game, my brother and I snuck down to some front row seating that people had left early.  We got to watch David Ortiz break a bat and get some great photos close up to the playing field.  We ended the night with some drive thru Taco Bell and headed back to the hotel around midnight.

The next day we were up at 3:30am to head out fishing.  This was some huge deep sea fishing.  We were fishing for haddock for keeps.  Let me tell you, deep sea fishing is a huge upper body workout.  The dogfish that we kept catching put up a huge fight, not to mention if there were more than one on the line!  My brother ended up catching a huge blue shark as well (you can see some great footage in the video).  By the time we made it back to shore around 2pm, we were dead!  Our arms were beat and I even had a few bruises from where I had to leverage the pole.

Overall, it was an amazing experience.  I love being out on the ocean itself as you all know.  It was even better planning some spontaneous fun with my brother.  He’s part of me.  We have each other’s backs no matter what.  I cannot wait for him to be down with his term at the end of this year so we can plan some more adventures!

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