Hey Everyone!

It has been extremely busy at the hotel so this is going to be a short post and I apologize.  Rochester was hit with 70-85 mph winds on Wednesday causing a state of emergency in several surrounding areas.  Over 150,000 people were without power and heat.  My hotel has been bursting at the seams with people needing a place to stay as well as housing out of state utility workers that are assisting.  I did however want to go over what is coming up next for travel.

  • March 17th-19th-I will be in NYC for the Royal Caribbean Blog meet up and various other sightseeing activities.
  • March 22nd-27th-I will be in Dallas for a little work and pleasure.
  • April 18th-25th-I will be in Miami a night before and after my 5 night cruise to Cuba and Mexico

There are many reasons that I wanted to recap these.  If you have any questions or suggestions on any of the destinations, I would love to know.  Also if you use Periscope or FB Live, I will be shooting some live videos as best as I can at each destination.

The main reason I decided to remind you all of these dates is that if you live near any of these areas, I’d love to meet you!  Send me a message if you are interested and hopefully we can do a fun get together!

I hope you have a great week folks and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!


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