Happy Sunday Everyone!

Where has this summer gone?  I can’t even begin to fathom where it went.  I hope that all of your summer plans have led you on amazing adventures.  As you can tell by the title of this post, mine did not.  Don’t get me wrong, yes I went to Boston and Austin in July.  I’m aware that this is more than a lot of people get to do.  I still can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

I was supposed to be doing a NYS Parks series this summer.  I had my Empire Pass in hand and was ready to go.  The kick off weekend was a hike through Watkins Glen State Park the last full weekend of June.  I had Olivia and our Chocolate Labrador, Reese, in tow.  Watkins Glen was about a 2.5 hour drive from Rochester.  We stopped to get ice cream at Spotted Duck Creamery along the way.  I should have known better than to push my luck with this trip.  I had hurt my lower back in a fitness class earlier in the week.  Olivia was promised this trip to celebrate her end of the school year so I pushed myself.

This trip was a bit doomed from the start.  As we were walking to the trails, I stopped off to the side to put my Nikon around my neck.  In a second, Olivia darted off to take a picture of something with her iPod and Reese took off after her (she’s very protective).  Needless to say, I was attached to Reese and fell face first into the ground, breaking my camera lens.  I really wanted to scream and take all of us back home.  I needed to take a moment and breathe.  Olivia didn’t mean to dart off, she like any child, was just very excited to be where she was.

I was only able to do live videos on Periscope since my camera was shot.  The camera on my phone did no justice to it.  My back was still pretty sore but I had a heat pack on it and was downing ibuprofen as much as possible.  It ended up being a really nice trip.  We stopped and got lunch after our long hike and headed home.  It was nice to not be behind a lens for change (don’t get me wrong, I love it).

As per usual, I never know when to stop.  I actually stopped by one of my favorite wineries to do a live Periscope video of Seneca Lake.  As I was strolling down the hill, while recording live, I fell again.  My foot happened to find the only small hole in the yard.  I was definitely sore to begin with and this just added to it.  I called it quits, went back to my car, threw on my heated seats and headed home.

Unfortunately this back injury kept me from being able to stand up straight and walk for a few weeks.  I’ve never been good at taking care of myself when I’m injured.  I always tend to push myself.  This kept me away from my original summer plans.  I promise that I have bigger things planned for all of you and I appreciate your patience and support!


Thank you for everything!

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