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I can’t believe it is already almost the end of July.  This summer is just going so fast! This past weekend we did a quick trip to Boston for Olivia’s birthday.  We visited the New England Aquarium and went to a Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway Park!  Boston is one of my favorite cities.  Some of you may remember my fall trip when I took Olivia to the Museum of Science after a work trip in the area (I will link below for those of you who haven’t seen it).

The New England Aquarium is very close to Quincy Market and right on the cusp of Boston Harbor.  I first went to this aquarium when I was 11 on a field trip.  The first thing I remember seeing was all the penguins!  Needless to say when I took Olivia in, she fell in love with all the penguins too!  The penguins are arranged in a couple different rocks around the large cylinder tank in the middle of the aquarium.  You go up around the building on different inclines and stairs.

There are many different exhibits along the outside of the museum.  You will see many different kinds of colorful fish along the wall tanks.  You will see piranhas, an anaconda, an octopus and sea dragons!  There is even an exhibit where you can touch starfish.  Olivia loved being able to touch the starfish.


There is an outside deck are where you can watch sea lions play.  This was also one of Olivia’s favorites.  We definitely were making some Finding Dory comments watching them.  We were trying to figure out which one was Gerald.

There was a new exhibit that wasn’t there during my last trip in 2017.  There was a sting ray touching experience towards the front of the museum.  Olivia loved getting up there her uncle and touching the racing rays.  She didn’t want to leave this exhibit!

The New England Aquarium holds so much nostalgia for me.  The layout of the aquarium is extremely unique and you can even walk up to the outside of the museum and watch the seals in the outdoor tanks without paying admission.  This is area is great to walk around between the boats in the harbor and Quincy Market that is just a couple minute walk away.  If you are staying outside of the city there is a train stop right by the aquarium too!



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