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I finally was able to get everything together for the whirlwind Massachusetts weekend that I had with Olivia.  We visited the Museum of Science, Quincy Market, Boston Harbor and the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Boston has always had a near and dear place in my heart since I was 11 years old and first visited the city on a field trip.


Museum of Science will be the first topic at hand.  There are 3 designated wings to this building.  There is the blue wing, green wing and red wing.  You could literally spend an entire day just at this museum.  There is literally something for kids of all ages.  The museum has interactive stations throughout all the wings and various different topics.  There is an awesome electricity show as you’ll see in the video where they make lightening for you to see.  The museum also boasts the Omni Theater and a Butterfly Garden which are all extra add ons.  I will include the website below for up to date pricing information.  During our trip it was $25 for an adult ticket and $20 for a child ticket (base prices).  They come up with so many creative ways to learn.  Videos and pictures can only show you show much.  You just need to experience it!


Quincy Market: DO NOT EAT UNTIL YOU COME HERE!  That is my biggest piece of advice.  Inside the halls of Quincy Market you can eat any type of food and treat that you desire.  They have greek, italian, seafood, bakeries, etc.  The market is also surrounded by plenty of shops from souvenirs to GAP.  Quincy Market is also home to Faneuil Hall has been a marketplace and meeting hall since 1743!  Talk about a walk through history!  Different sidewalks in the market bring street performers from every walk of life (musicians to magicians).  I also tried a margarita from Zuma Tex and it was on point!


Boston Harbor is just a quick stroll from Quincy Market.  It provides a lot of eye candy from the sailboats to the harbor cruises going in and out.  On one side you have the beautiful harbor and if you turn around,  you are looking at a beautiful city.  It is a win win for everyone!


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Springfield, Massachusetts is just on the way home for us.  It is an easy and quick stop off the the Mass Pike.  There are a slew of museums in Springfield but we only had time for a quick stop.  The sculptures and park and absolutely beautiful.  The Dr. Seuss Museum itself is under renovation.  Olivia loved posing with Horton, The Grinch and all her favorite characters!

I have been to Boston many times so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I will do my best to answer all of your questions!  I hope you all enjoy.  I tried to do a lot more live action walking videos to give you all a better feel!


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