Today is the day that I have been waiting for.  I am embarking on Empress of the Seas on her Inaugural Cuba Sailing.  I can’t believe that it is finally here.  This will be a very quick post since I forgot to post about it on Sunday.  I was so busy and I apologize.  I’m not sure if you all remember the Instagram Post that I did on with a picture of all my tech items that I bring with me.  It may seem like a lot but it all pretty much fits in a backpack.  Here are my absolute favorites:

  • Activeon Action Camera-This camera is very similar to a GoPro.  It has waterproof casing and shoots 1080p HD video.  It has a small digital display on the back of it and is compatible with GoPro Accessories.
  • Nikon D3300-I absolutely adore this camera.  It shoots 24 megapixels.  I have absolutely loved learning to shoot on this.  This was my first DSLR and  I highly recommend it.
  • RavPower Charge Port-This is amazing.  You only need one outlet and you can charge 6 items by USB at the same time!  Talk about a huge space saver!
  • Altec Bluetooth Speaker-This speaker puts out some serious base and volume.  I use this during hot tub sessions if I’m on a cruise or even at a hotel.  The best part is that this is also waterproof!
  • RodeMic-This will actually be my first time scoping with this mic.  However, I have watched a bunch of other periscopers use this and the sound is flawless.  It comes with a wind shield as well.


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