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Memorial Day week always gets me a little crazy with my days of the week.  I even worked on Monday so I could have this Friday off for Toronto.  There will be a new office unveiling very soon which is why I did not get a post up on Sunday.  I will be starting a new position working from home so I needed to get some things in order.

I finally was able to compile a bunch of video clips from Costa Maya, Mexico.  Costa Maya is an extremely tourist oriented port.  In all honesty, you don’t even really need to pay to go to a beach escape resort because there is a pool with a bar and restaurant right in the port.  I do imagine that it can get quite busy if there are multiple ships in port.  The port is set up like maze and is a little tricky to get out of.  Since I was headed to Yaya Beach Club I had to head out to the transportation circle.  We were greeted by some truck drawn trolleys that were $3 per person.  They did let Olivia on for free but if you are looking for the $2 taxis you will need to walk out past the gates.

The ride to Mahahual is about 5-10 minutes.  The trolley had 3-4 different stops from the water park to different spots down the beach strip.  The beach strip is full of different beach retreats, stores, restaurants, bars and beachside massages.  As much as I am not a fan of heavy tourist activities, Costa Maya was really enjoyable.  The natural barrier that is a few hundred yards off of the beach provides calm waters for beach goers.  The stores have everything for sale from souvenir figurines to Xanax.  Remember to keep in mind that there will be a lot of locals trying to make a sale and at times it can feel copious.  I just keep in mind that this is how they support their family.  Once I told them no, they weren’t pushy.  However the small solicitations did land some cute rings and Mexican treats to try!  I have also included some sample snorkeling footage from off of the beach.  It wasn’t the best snorkeling I have ever done but it was a great introduction for my daughter.  It is safe to say that she is now hooked!

Costa Maya seems like a tourist mecca that was plopped in the middle of nowhere.  As you can see by the sail in video, there really isn’t much around it.  There are many excursions that will take you to butterfly gardens, water parks and even some Mayan ruins.  Don’t be be afraid to try something new in Costa Maya.  My something new was actually kicking back and relaxing a little more!

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