Oh no! It is midway through your cruise and you’ve bent over to put on your shoes and they feel a bit snug. Oh well, you’re busy heading up to the solarium or out on your next excursion so you don’t pay it any mind. You continue to run around on your vacation, enjoying the rich food and fantastic beverages. Now you are on your way home and feel an odd sensation in your feet. To your surprise, you’ve acquired an unwanted souvenir………cruise cankles.

Cruise cankles can affect people of all sizes and abilities. They are caused by increased salt intake, activity level increase and eating foods that you are not used to at home. One of the perks to cruising is all the rich food you get to try and those sugary poolside cocktails while you tan. For me, it is also going up and dancing for hours every night which is not a typical nightly activity for this super mom.

I have some great tips that can help you cure and/or prevent a dreaded case of Cruise Cankles!
• Drink Water: I know that this sounds weird but you need the water to flush the salt and toxins out of your body. You can never have too much. This tip is good for preventative and for a cure.
• Purchase Water Pills: Cruise cankles have almost become extinct for me because of this miracle in a bottle. I now pack these when I cruise and it helps prevent the start of this uncomfortable situation. If you forget to pack them, they do help after your cruise to. I will put a link down below if you are interested.
• Elevate Your Feet: If you notice you are starting to get a little swollen, I recommend taking some time to put your feet up. Depending on your stateroom, this could be in bed or on the couch. Don’t be afraid to ask your stateroom attendant for an extra pillow or two. Keep them elevated as best as possible for a day or two after your cruise as well.
• Foot Rub: When all else fails a nice foot massage could help with the pressure in your feet.
• Go for a Swim/Draw a Bath: Moving your feet around in water helps circulation in your feet. I personally like dipping my feet in cold water when they feel very tight.

I hope this helps you or a loved one that you know suffers from this affliction. Cruise Cankles don’t have to ruin your vacation!

Water Pills: https://www.gnc.com/water-pills/000581.html?cgid=water-pills#start=1

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