First Class Travel! The thoughts of sipping endless champagne while being waited on at 30,000 feet sounds like the ultimate luxury when traveling by air right? You’ve walked by on your way to your seat in the back and have seen their cocktails served in real glassware with name brand treats. We have all wondered, what is it really like to sit in those big comfy seats in the front of the plane where you don’t have to fight for overhead bin space. I am here to give you my round trip experience on a semi long haul flight.

When it comes to traveling by air, I have two preferred airlines. I love Delta and JetBlue. Since JetBlue doesn’t fly a lot of places that I need to go, Delta is my go to. I also have their AMEX and love getting my miles. The flight that I am recapping is my round trip flight from Rochester, NY to San Juan, PR. I was very blessed to have won a contest that entitled me to first class fare and a suite on my cruise. I’ve flown first class before but only on shorter flights. I am going to recap this leg by leg.

Leg 1 (ROC to ATL): This was an early morning 6am flight. I was offered a beverage as soon as I boarded my MD-88 plane. I only decided to partake in a couple bottles of water. My choice to decline my snack was well worth the opportunity to nap with my pillow and blanket until we arrived in Atlanta. Not the most exciting but I promise the next flight was worth it.

Leg 2 (ROC to SJU): After a hour long layover, I boarded my 757 and took my seat. This was definitely a newer plane. The flight attendants were walking around asking “Champagne or Orange Juice?” My response was quite simple “Both!” I was three mimosas deep by take off. On this flight I was served breakfast. I had a choice between a quinoa style oatmeal bowl and a quiche. I opted for the quiche and it was actually delicious. It was served with a salsa, fruit salad, plain bagel and condiments. Everything was served on glassware and with a smile. After breakfast they came around with their snack baskets multiple times and I was never without a beverage.

Leg 3 (SJU to JFK): This was going to be my longest flight at almost four hours. Lunch was served on this flight. The choices were a snapper with mango salsa or a jerk chicken pasta. I opted for the pasta so I had a little carbohydrate to soak up some post cruise booze. It was served with a nice spring mix salad, a bread pudding style dessert and a warm dinner roll. This meal was actually delightful. I was expecting the pasta to be dry but it actually tasted great with the warm dinner roll. Since the flight was so long the snack basket came around frequently on this flight as well.

Leg 4 (JFK to ROC): This is my least favorite flight because it is always on a CRJ. I cannot stand being on the small commuter jets. We were offered our beverages and unlimited snacks. The service was great but the flight itself is only 40 minutes so not much to report on this flight.

Flying first class is a real treat. For flights under two hours, I wouldn’t say that it is a necessity. I’m fine in Comfort Plus for those kind of flights unless there isn’t a huge price difference. For a longer flight, the comfy seats, getting on and off the plane first and the space make it totally worth it. The comfort is the biggest selling feature. If you have some miles or a little extra money, give it a try on your next long haul flight!

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Written by Halee with a Flair

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  1. Marianna Kump January 13, 2019 at 4:15 am Reply

    Halee, I totally agree with you. Delta is my go to airline and I fly 1st class whenever possible. The skymiles I earn make the price easy to deal with. It is such a pleasure to have a comfortable seat and service that pampers! Free flowing drinks and delicious food never hurts. I think 1st class is worth an upcharge because I don’t arrive at my destination feeling like I need a chiropractor and a shower.

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