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The NYC/Hoboken is finally done!  You can now see it in all of its glory on my youtube channel.  This will be the second and final post to this trip.  Hoboken was not on the original itinerary but since the city was on a bit of a lock down from the bombs, we made the best of our trip.



I loved Hoboken.  It is an adorable place with the best view of the city in my opinion.  There were so many unique shops, markets, restaurants and boutiques on this strip (Washington Street).  I parked on the corner of Observer Way and Washington.  The weekend rates were $15 for the first 2 hours and $25 up to 10 hours.  I literally was 15 minutes late to the 2 hour price and was needless to say charged $25!  Street parking is extremely difficult and everyone in Jersey double parks.  It was honestly worth the money for the peace of mind.


Of course we had to go into Carlo’s Bakery!  Olivia loves watching ‘Cake Boss’ so this was a must.  You literally walk into this place and gain 10 lbs just from looking and smelling.  There was a line every time we walked by and when we were in there.  There isn’t a ton of seating if you plan on eating in.  They had everything from donuts, cookies, cakes, pastries and more.  It’s an iconic stop that is definitely worth the wait.



One of the markets we decided to walk into was Aspen Market.  I just had to stop in because their outdoor display was so adorable.  The inside displays were even better.  Everything looked so rich and inviting.  Leave it to me to critique a grocery store when I’m on vacation, it is the Wegmans lover inside of me that just can’t resist!


We decided to have lunch at Frankie and Ava’s.  The service here was amazing.  I tend to find when I’m in the NYC area that the customer service doesn’t have quite as much finesse.  This place was the exception.  They went out of their way to help make us comfortable and answer any questions we had.  I had one of their sandwiches and it was to die for.  The portions are huge so you will definitely be able to take half of your sandwich home with you!  Their tomato pie pizza was amazing as well!


I would highly encourage everyone to go to the park by the river just up from Washington Street.  Take your lunch there and don’t forget your camera!  The city view is beautiful and is truly a wonder to behold.  I hope you all get to experience this and let me know if you have any questions!

Best Wishes Everyone!

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