Five years ago I remember being hyper focused on getting the “perfect bikini body.” I was getting ready to get married in the Bahamas and was stressing about looking perfect for my beach wedding. My pinterest workout folder was getting its own workout from all the posts I was pinning. I’ve gone through them all and have compiled the best tips to get you bikini ready.

Step #1

Stand in front of the mirror and do five reps of telling yourself that you are beautifully imperfect and that is okay. I dare you to look at yourself and see more than stretch marks, freckles, fat, bones, scars and everything in between. Your body carries a precious soul so it is bound to go through a lot to protect it. Make a point to tell yourself this everyday. Like anything, it takes practice to become habit.

Step #2

Put on your anti-hate blinders and headphones. We live in a world where everyone has an opinion about everything. Seeing a beautiful woman feeling sexy in a bikini is privilege for anyone to see whether they are fat, thin, trans, old, gay or purple. If someone decides to try to slam your glam, slip on those headphones because they aren’t worth your time. They don’t deserve to hear your mix tape!

Step #3

Assess your bikini needs. Are you an adventurous snorkeler or do you enjoy laying out to get that beautiful sun kissed glow? Once you assess your needs, starting looking for swimsuits that cater to what you need. When I’m laying out, I look for fun swim top designs that don’t require too much support. On the other hand, while I’m snorkeling, I try to look for something that covers my cleavage up a bit more so I don’t have a nip slip when filming with my GoPro.

Step #4

Explore your options. It is a great time to buy a bikini these days. More stores like Target are offering a variety of cute swimsuits in all sizes. Myself as a plus size gal has had luck with Torrid, Forever 21, Swimsuits for All and even Amazon. Don’t be afraid to try different styles from a few different places to see which makes you feel like the goddess you are.

Step #5

Buy the damn bikini and work it! This is the easiest step of them all. Go for the kill and commit to doing something for you.

Bikini Top: Swimsuits For All
Bikini Bottom: Target

I wish it hadn’t taken years for me to get comfortable with these steps. I wasted years being self conscious due to my weight and medical issues. Don’t fall into that trap even though it is very easy to. Body positivity starts with self positivity!

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Written by Halee with a Flair

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