Happy Wednesday Everyone! There has been so much going on lately that I feel like I’m in a cyclone going round and round.  This week marks the last week at […]

Happy Sunday Everyone!  It is so hard to believe that I’m leaving in 9 days and cruising in 10!  I am trying my best to keep focused and not go […]

Hey, Hey, Hey Everyone! So as I start my planning for my weekend trip to New York City, I found something when I was booking my hotel that I felt […]

  I hope everyone was able to sleep in a little on this lovely Sunday morning!  This is officially the last blog piece I think (at least for now) on […]

Well here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just under a month out from my next cruise and I know with the holidays that it is just going to fly by!  When […]

Hello All! I apologize for taking so long to get this next post out.  I developed a nice case of pneumonia last week and am still recovering.  Today’s post is […]