Oh Roma, my beloved. I fell in love with Rome for the ambiance. Sure, the Colosseum was amazing and the Trevi Fountain is breath taking. They are not the reasons I would go back to Rome though. In traditional Italian fashion, a lot of this love stems from amazing food and the people who provide it. Here is my list of the top five things you need to try when you get to Rome.

  1. Cacio e Pepe: Where do I even begin? This was my first dish that I had at 9:30pm after landing in Rome. The owner of my AirBnb recommended this restaurant (Origano) as it was attached to the back side of our apartment. I literally walked through their kitchen to get a table. I knew prior to traveling that this is a Roman dish that I wanted to try. It is simply pasta with pecorino romano cheese and pepper. The dish sounds simple but it is so much more than that. Combined with the fresh pasta from Origano, this was one of my favorite meals the whole trip!
  2. Maritozzi and Breakfast Pastries from Roscoli Café: In my research prior to this trip, I came across a pastry that I knew Olivia would love called Maritozzi. It is a sweet roll that is split almost completely down the middle and filled with fresh whipped cream. Again, so simple but totally next level. This was my favorite café in Rome is located in the Campo de Fiori area which is where my Airbnb was. The staff was amazing and so kind. They make their cappuccinos with with little hearts in the foam. You have to feel happy when your coffee has hearts in it!
  3. Jewish Fried Artichokes: I cannot tell you how many articles that I read that included these artichokes. I personally like artichokes but I don’t think they are the best thing on earth. For the sake of research I took a trip down to the neighborhood. OH. MY. GOD. I cannot begin to explain what went on inside my mouth. The leaf area were crispy like potato chips and the inside becomes creamy through the frying process. You can get these at multiple restaurants in the area.
  4. Porchetta Sandwich: If you are looking for a quick, cheap lunch that packs a punch, this is it. There was a forno near my AirBnb that had these sandwiches for $5. They are huge and pack a ton of flavor. Porchetta is an Italian craft that requires mastery.
  5. Roman Style Pizza: When most people think of pizza, the traditional Napoli style is usually what comes to mind. Roman Style is vastly different. The dough is fluffy with a crunch. It is very easy to eat on the go and is sold by the weight. When you walk in, you will see at least 10 different flavors. It is hard to not order them all.
Fried Artichoke

I will include the places that I went down below. The heart of Italy lies in her cuisine. The biggest recommendation that I can make is that you need to try be open minded and try new things when you go. If you have any questions, please let me know!




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