I cannot begin to tell you how many crazy looks that I received when I said I was going to Disney World at the end of June. To be honest, there was a part of me that was a little nervous too. I had devised this game plan so that I could write a post on how it isn’t as crazy of an idea as people would think. In this article, I’m going to explain why you should consider booking a summer trip to Disney World.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Why would myself or anyone for that matter book a trip to Florida between June-August to go to Disney World? There is the reasoning that kids are on summer vacation and one of the biggest reasons are the deals that go on during the summer are really appealing. Most of the summer months offer free dining, room discounts and even ticket discounts to give people an incentive to come during this time of year. It is typically a softer season for Disney so they’ll sweeten the incentive for people to come.

Olivia at the Norway Kidcot Desk at EPCOT

So you’ve booked the trip, you got a sweet deal and now you are looking at the forecast. 90+ degree days are in your future and we all know that Central Florida is known for humidity as well. Below is how I tackled my Disney World Trip at the end of June.

  1. Take it slow. The summer months are not the time to be cramming in 10+ hour park days. It is hot, a good chunk of the ride lines are outside and when it is hot, tempers heat up too.
  2. Take a break. What I liked to do was to get up in the morning and rope drop a park. After that, around 10:30/11am, I would head back to my hotel for a few hours. Olivia and I would enjoy the hotel room, the pool and the resort itself. Closer to dinner, we would head back to the park for another go.
  3. Plan your FastPasses Appropriately. If you are planning to rope drop (which I highly recommend), line up your FastPasses for the earlier part of the morning. This way if you are at a tiered park like Epcot or Hollywood Studios, you can rush to a ride(s) that you couldn’t get a FastPass for and then ride out your morning with your FastPasses.
  4. Drink lots of water. You can get free cups of water from the quick service restaurants throughout Disney World. They are fully expecting it. Almost every venue I went to had glasses of water line up and ready to go. During the summer it is very common for guests to pass out in the parks from the heat and being dehydrated.
  5. Try something new. For example, I really enjoy EPCOT but it is a lot of outdoor walking, especially in World Showcase. World Showcase has KidCot which is where your kids can go and complete crafts in each country and collect postcards as well. If your child collects all the postcards, they can turn them in for a prize at the end! This kept Olivia entertained while I indulged in a few of my favorite beverages.
  6. Stock your room minifridge. While I do say this for any time of the year, this is very important during the summer. You can either ship bottles of water, pick them up if you have a car or purchase them at your resort general store. I also like to keep some snacks in the room at all times whenever we would have one of our chill out (quite literally) sessions.
  7. Apply Sunscreen every couple hours. The sun is so intense that you absolutely need to keep on top of this. If you don’t have room to pack it, it is available at your resort store on property. A typical spray can goes for about $12-13.
Once Upon a Time Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

As my daughter gets older, I am more limited in the times when I can take her to Disney due to school and the schedule I keep with her father. I foresee a lot more Summer Disney World trips in our future. Did any of these tips help you or do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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